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Wall Hanging Planter Set of 3

Wall Hanging Planter Set of 3

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Infuse your home, office, and interior spaces with a touch of nature using our exquisite indoor wall hanging plant set. Trusted and cherished by the esteemed Sugar Maple Inn for their exceptional quality and functionality, these botanical accents are sure to elevate any environment.

Crafted from power-coated iron, this set features three geometric vessels, pots, and accompanying hardware. Their durable construction ensures long-lasting beauty and reliability.

Designed specifically for small indoor plants, succulents, air plants, herbs, and flowers, this versatile set opens up a world of creative possibilities for displaying your favorite greenery.

The dimensions of each vessel are as follows:

- Triangle: 11" W x 11" H
- Rectangle: 9" W x 11" H
- Circle: 10" W x 10" H

The pots included with the set have a diameter of 4", providing an ideal size for accommodating your chosen plants.

Maintenance is effortless—simply wipe the vessels and pots down with a damp cloth to keep them looking fresh and vibrant.

With their stunning geometric designs and compact sizes, these wall hanging planters effortlessly blend aesthetics and practicality, adding a refreshing touch of nature to any space.
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