A great picture always looks even better in the perfect frame. Likewise, all plants are enhanced by finely crafted handmade wood planters. Bring a new look to your outdoor yard space or liven up your home or office's interior with individually imagined and crafted handmade wood planters from The Carpentry Shop Co. They'll bring the green (and other colors!) to your living or workspace in a lovely handmade wood planter that our artisans thoughtfully design and render.

Homeowners and designers love and employ our stunning custom handmade wood planters to liven up indoor and outdoor spaces. We offer sturdy, solid planters for all kinds of flowers, fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Our woodworking and carpentry experts craft our handmade wood outdoor planters with an assortment of hard and soft woods picked for their individual colors, grains, and durability, and you can customize all pieces in various ways.

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