Live Edge Wood Slab Benches

The Carpentry Shop Co. offers handmade solid wood benches crafted from reclaimed or salvaged wood in various styles to accommodate your needs. You will not find wood furniture pieces like ours anywhere else. We create custom wood artwork that cannot be duplicated. Our handmade solid wood bench offerings include luxurious waterfall-style benches with wood cascading down both sides, as well as unique live edge wood benches with sleek metal framework. Want a more customized piece of furniture? Collaborate with us to design a one-of-a-kind bench just for you. The Carpentry Shop Co. has a wide selection of various wood slabs  that can be chosen from to create a live edge wood slab bench that lives up to your imagination. This option is great for homeowners or interior designers looking for something specific to finish off a space. Shop our hand-crafted wooden benches below or contact us to design a commissioned piece.

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