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Upcycled Linen Pillow in White, 24 x 24

Upcycled Linen Pillow in White, 24 x 24

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These Recycled Linen Pillows are made using surplus linen from the textile industry so that nothing is wasted. Linen is woven on pedal operated wooden looms in Portugal that were designed more than a century ago. No electricity is used to power these looms, just good old fashioned muscle power! In keeping with principles of the circular economy, AquaVireo recycles tons of surplus linen a year, transforming it into beautiful pillows and throws

Linen is made from the fiber of the flax plant, an abundant raw material that makes linen inherently sustainable. It’s also the rare material that gets better and more beautifully textured with time. Learn more about the many properties of linen in our Glossary


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