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Tono Silverware Set

Tono Silverware Set

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A touch of modern with a splash of traditional - this highly practical set is perfect for every day use or for a formal gathering . The Tono 24-piece flatware set from debelleo conveys sleek sophistication to any dining setting.
Our high quality mirror polished stainless steel is perfect for every day use

This set is composed of stainless steel and also 18 % Chromium for rust resistance and strength and 10% nickel for long lasting shine and luster.
No polishing required.
Dishwasher safe.

4 piece set (serves 1 person) will include:
1 Forks: 8 in
1 Knives: 9.1 in
1 Tablespoons: 8 in
1 Teaspoons: 5.7 in

24 piece set (serves 6 people) will include:
6 Forks: 8 in
6 Knives: 9.1 in
6 Tablespoons: 8 in
6 Teaspoons: 5.7 in

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