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Tina Hand Block Printed Linen Pillow Cover, 22x22

Tina Hand Block Printed Linen Pillow Cover, 22x22

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Inspired by the romance and poetic feel of the city of Udaipur, this stunning linen pillow cover is designed in New York and made entirely by hand in India. The linen is handwoven on traditional looms before being hand block-printed by a small cooperative of master block-printers in a village near Jaipur. The pillows reverse to the same print on the back and feature subtle nuances that make each one-of-a-kind.

The deceptively simple stamping process requires incredible skill, practice, and generations of knowledge. Block-print artisans are passionate about their craft and use techniques that were mastered and passed down by their fathers and grandfathers to tell a story of craftsmanship, human touch, and of the people and families behind the craft.


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