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Grand Siecle 11.75" Plate, Set of 4

Grand Siecle 11.75" Plate, Set of 4

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Indulge in everyday luxury with the Heirloom-quality French porcelain from Pillivuyt, available through our partnership.

The art of French living and great gastronomy are in the spotlight with the Grand Siècle décor created by designer Florence Bourel. Florence has collaborated with major French brands, notably Hermès, Diptyque, La Fibule, Le Monde Sauvage, Cristallerie Saint-Louis and Toulemonde Bochart. For Pillivuyt, she highlights the brand’s 200-year-old history of expertise by developing a design that is a contemporary echo of traditional French tableware. These limited edition pieces are meant to be paired with your favorite classic Pillivuyt white dishes to set up elegant tables in the classic French tradition. The Grand Siècle 11.75" Plate features a wide rim decorated with dove gray designs that have an elegantly vintage vibe.

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