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EcoPoxy FlowCast SPR Kit

EcoPoxy FlowCast SPR Kit

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FlowCast SPR® - The Perfect Casting Epoxy for Weekend Woodworking Projects

Introducing FlowCast SPR® (Small Projects Resin), the ideal casting epoxy specifically designed for your weekend woodworking projects. When a coating epoxy resin like UV Poxy won't suffice and a deep-casting resin like FlowCast takes too long to cure, FlowCast SPR® steps in to deliver exceptional results.

With FlowCast SPR®, you can expect faster curing times compared to deep-casting resins. When used at a one-inch thickness and under the recommended conditions, your projects can cure within just one day, allowing you to complete your creations swiftly.

This casting epoxy is perfect for small project pours, ranging from ¼" to 1" thick per layer. Formulated with easy pours and faster cures in mind, FlowCast SPR® ensures a smooth and efficient workflow for your weekend woodworking endeavors.

Say goodbye to bubbles with FlowCast SPR®! This remarkable resin offers excellent air release properties, guaranteeing a bubble-free finish. The crystal-clear cure of FlowCast SPR® adds a touch of brilliance to your projects, creating a glass-like appearance that is both visually stunning and UV-resistant.

FlowCast SPR® seamlessly integrates into your woodworking toolbox, allowing you to utilize the same tools you already have, such as a lathe, table saw, or belt sander. With thousands of possibilities at your fingertips, you can effortlessly create beautiful projects that showcase your woodworking skills.

With its 2:1 ratio formula, FlowCast SPR® simplifies the mixing process, ensuring accurate and consistent results. It is a low odor, no VOC resin that cures water-clear and is resistant to yellowing over time.

Perfect for small casting and molding projects up to 1 inch deep, FlowCast SPR® is the go-to choice for charcuterie boards, coasters, small serving trays, and more.

For optimal results, it's important to note that epoxy resins are sensitive to temperature and humidity. Use FlowCast SPR® indoors in a climate-controlled environment, maintaining a consistent temperature range of 68º-78ºF.

Discover the convenience and quality of FlowCast SPR® for your weekend woodworking projects. Unlock your creative potential and achieve stunning results with this versatile casting epoxy resin designed to simplify your crafting process.


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