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EcoPoxy FlowCast SPR Kit

EcoPoxy FlowCast SPR Kit

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FlowCast SPR® (Small Projects Resin) is the ideal casting epoxy for weekend woodworking projects for applications where a coating epoxy resin (UV Poxy) won't work. And a deep-casting resin (FlowCast) takes too long to cure.

When used at one-inch thickness, the maximum volume, and under the recommended conditions, expect projects to cure within one day.

  • Perfect for Small Project Pours - ¼" to 1" Thick per Layer
  • Ideal for Weekend Projects – Formulated for Easy Pours & Faster Cures
  • Goodbye Bubbles – Excellent Air Release
  • Hello Clarity - Cures Water Clear

FlowCast SPR® can be worked using the same tools you already have for woodworking such as a lathe, table saw, or belt sander, leaving you thousands of possibilities to create beautiful projects.

FlowCast SPR is a 2:1 Ratio, casting epoxy resin, for small projects, that cures to a crystal clear, UV-resistant, glass-like finish in approximately 24 hrs (when used as directed in a climate-controlled environment)

 It should be poured a minimum of 0.5 to 1 inch deep layers. If you’re pouring a charcuterie board, coasters, or a small serving tray, FlowCast SPR is the product you are looking for!

  • UV Resistant/Non-yellowing
  • 0.5 - 1 inch Layers
  • Cures in 24 hrs (approx)
  • 2:1 Ratio Formula
  • No VOC's
  • Low odor
  • Crystal Clear
  • Excellent Bubble Release Qualities
  • Perfect for small casting/molding of 1 inch deep


**All epoxy resins are sensitive to temperature and humidity, and for best results should be used indoors in a climate-controlled environment. A consistent temperature of 68º- 78º F is optimal.

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