The Carpentry Shop Co. was born from the notion of doing something you love every day. So we built a business that allows us to be creative and innovative through handcrafting furniture that elevates our most intimate spaces. 

Almost 10 years ago, we, Natalie and Julian Dion, a husband and wife duo, ignited by our passions for artful design and handcrafted home furnishings, pivoted from our secure and dependable career paths to the uncertain autonomy of becoming entrepreneurs. We taught ourselves the fundamentals of design, educating our eyes and honing our creative sensibilities. We tapped into four generations of our family woodworking traditions and skilled carpentry techniques--the bedrock of our business. Through steadfast determination, we cultivated the intrinsic and institutional knowledge that makes us thriving entrepreneurs and masters of our craft. 

Our unwavering dedication to the use of high-quality, responsibly sourced materials, is essential to the success of our products. Each project offers new insights to our aesthetically savvy customers and gives us another opportunity to deepen our evolving understanding of working with natural yet mercurial materials. From inception to completion, each piece is created alongside our astute clientele. We delight in the process of bringing our clients’ visions to life.  

As dedicated parents, family is at the heart of what and why we create. The pieces we make are intended to enable and encourage communing and connection; dining tables where ideas are discussed, coffee tables where family meetings are held, and desks where dreams are actualized. Our company’s ethos is wholeheartedly rooted in processes and products built on quality, integrity, and community. Our work is a manifestation of time, energy, and love. Often it’s life’s intangibles that give great meaning to our most beloved belongings. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide elegant, uniquely designed, expertly crafted furnishings for the spaces we love most. We are committed to working with integrity, respecting our community and our craft, and providing a place where creativity thrives.