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Starbond Accelerator 6oz

Starbond Accelerator 6oz

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Super Glue Accelerator - Instantly Speed Up Bonding Time, No More Waiting!

Tired of waiting for your Starbond super glue to dry? Say goodbye to long waiting times with our Super Glue Accelerator! Designed to drastically reduce bonding time, this accelerator cures CA glue in just seconds, allowing you to move on with your project without delays.

One common issue with fast-drying superglues is the unwanted whitening or "hazing" effect on the bonding surface. We've tackled this problem head-on with our specially formulated CA accelerator. Unlike other accelerators on the market, ours is intentionally designed to dry slightly slower, preventing the undesirable whitening effect. Rest assured, your bonding surfaces will stay clear and pristine.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of our Super Glue Accelerator. With its lightning-fast curing time and superior formulation, you'll never have to wait again. Say goodbye to waiting and hello to instant results with our reliable and effective accelerator.

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