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Toja Pergola Kit with 4x4 Wood Posts Included

Toja Pergola Kit with 4x4 Wood Posts Included

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With a simple approach to style and design, the TOJA DIY Modular Pergola and Bracket system accommodates any size, space or budget with endless possibilities.

Customize the size of your free standing pergola using this kit of 4x4 pergola brackets. 

Toja Tip: Ensure lumber is fully inserted into the bracket cavity, resting on metal tabs for proper installation. 


Our 4x4 brackets accommodate dressed lumber, commonly called 4x4’s at local building supplies. The actual measure is 3.5x3.5”.

Ipe (pronounced EE-pay) is the finest-quality hardwood available. From the famous Atlantic City Boardwalk to your own backyard, Ipe decking is proven to keep its integrity and last longer than any other decking material. Ipe is naturally resistant to rot and is over 8 times harder than traditional redwood. These natural qualities mean an Ipe deck can last 75+ years without constant staining or refinishing. Ipe decking is responsibly harvested from managed forests to provide a truly renewable resource. For added peace of mind, Ipe also features up to a class A rating for flame spread, making it a great option for homes in dry brush areas, rooftops, and other fire-prone areas.
Cedar is a highly desirable wood for outdoor use due to its strength and resilience against various conditions such as moisture, pests, and decay. Its porous nature also makes it a great sound absorber, while its unique aroma adds to its appeal. With a distinct reddish hue and rustic charm, cedar is a popular choice for decks, fences, pergolas, and siding. However, regular maintenance is necessary, and it may be more expensive than other woods. Softwood cedar can also be prone to dents.


  • Each bracket only requires 2 screws per each side/set of eight holes.
  • Insert screws in holes closest to the wood.
  • Hardware to secure to wood is included.
  • Additional screws are available for purchase


  • 4x TRIO corner brackets
  • 4x SOLO base brackets
  • (8) 4x4 wood timbers (dressed)
  • 1-1/2” Pan Rob/Phil combo drive 304 S.S Wood screw with Black plastic head caps


  • Anchoring Hardware
    Due to different building materials and requirements based on location, we advise on checking building codes and talking to your local hardware store for the best securing hardware for your specific surface.
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