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White Agate Geode Coaster Natural Cut with Plated Edge

White Agate Geode Coaster Natural Cut with Plated Edge

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Individually handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, each White Agate Geode Coaster features a stunning silver, rose gold, or gold trim, adding a touch of opulence to any bar or room. The high-quality, natural agate stone and exquisite gold plating around the edges make for a luxurious addition to your décor. While each coaster is hand-cut, the size, shape, and color will vary slightly, adding to the uniqueness of each piece. Imported and handmade with care, these coasters exude elegance and sophistication. Available in white agate with silver, gold, or rose gold plating, with a diameter of 3.5 to 4 inches and a thickness of 0.4 - 0.6 inches. Please note that sizes may vary by a few millimeters.
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