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Handmade Ukrainian Concrete Plates

Handmade Ukrainian Concrete Plates

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Indulge in everyday luxury with the Heirloom-quality flatware from Ethical Trade Co., available through our partnership.


This unique stoneware dinner plate stands out from traditional ceramics with its stone-like appearance, earning it the name "Concrete" in our collection. With a polished, tactile exterior and a glossy glaze on the interior, this plate strikes the perfect balance between rustic charm and practical functionality. Made with stoneware and lead-free, food-safe materials, it is also microwave safe. The dinner plate measures 10" in diameter and 0.5" in height, while the high sides dinner plate measures 10" in diameter and 1.6" in height. For a smaller option, the salad plate has a diameter of 8" and a height of 0.4", and the high sides salad plate measures 8" in diameter and 1.6" in height. Made to order.
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