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Exotic Wood & Resin Dining Table

Exotic Wood & Resin Dining Table

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Introducing our Exotic Wood Dining Tables with Epoxy Resin and Flowyline Tulipe base handcrafted and made to order just for you! Our Monkey Pod Slab Dining Table is sure to impress with its captivating grain patterns and sustainable materials. The hand-crafted handmade prestige metal table base is created and built by Flowyline with modern aesthetics and design in mind. 

Crafted from one responsibly-sourced and imported Monkey pod wood slab, varying in width and thickness, our pricing is based on a 40" wide x 2" thick slab. We can customize to fit any size. We use resin to fill in voids in the wood. We can also use resin to expand the the width of the table.

Once you complete your checkout, our team will contact you to begin the design process. We'll collaborate with you to select the right slab, leg style, and finish options to match your unique taste.

With a lead time of approximately 8 weeks from design approval, your dining table will be expertly crafted and finished to your exact specifications.

Our Monkey Pod Slabs come from fast-growing trees and are lightweight yet durable, making them an eco-friendly and long-lasting option for your home. To maintain the beauty of your dining table, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth after use.

Product Dimensions are customized based on your specific order, ensuring a perfect fit for your space.

Enjoy the convenience of our White Glove Shipping, which is included for free within the continental US. Contact us for shipping options outside of our standard area.

Order your custom Monkey Pod Slab Dining Table today and elevate your dining experience with a stunning, sustainable centerpiece!

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