Custom-Made Solid Wood Dining Tables and Tabletops

Dining tables are the center of attention when you are eating a meal or have guests over—so, The Carpentry Shop Co. thinks you deserve a stunning, one-of-a-kind piece made from a woodworking professional. Our custom wood dining tabletops are just that; experts uniquely craft them from wood slabs and reclaimed or salvaged wood. Epoxy is also used on some of the custom wood dining tabletops to fill in any natural gaps in the wood slab. This protects the wood and adds a beautiful surface to the piece. We aim to provide you with an all-natural piece that looks magnificent in your home. All the custom solid wood dining tables are designed with either wooden legs, for a traditional feel, or sleek metal legs, for a modern feel. We also build and sell live edge slab dining tables. We enjoy collaborating with interior designers and homeowners on commissioned custom-made wood live edge slab dining tables that are perfectly handcrafted and extremely durable to fit their space’s style.

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