Ways To Use Benches in Your Home Design

Ways To Use Benches in Your Home Design

Ways To Use Benches in Your Home Design

When you want to add a certain something special to a room, you can’t go wrong with a wooden bench. Benches are incredibly versatile pieces that can fit into tight spaces, fill blank areas, and complement existing furniture while providing a place to sit, work, think, and store things. If you’re having trouble visualizing what a bench can bring to your home, take a look at these ways to use benches in your home design.

Take a Seat!

Clearly, this is the most obvious use of a handmade solid wood bench, but sometimes, when an option is so obvious, we overlook it entirely. A bench in the foyer can provide a place to sit, kick off your shoes or boots, and slip into a comfortable pair of slippers—or vice versa—as you arrive or depart. A bench can also serve as a temporary or permanent place to hold coats and jackets, bags, a key and coin dish, and more. No matter the size of the entryway, you can find the right bench for the space. If you have kids, a bench can be a fun place for them to sit at the kitchen or dining room table.

A Bench With a View

Do you have a large window with a great view on the far side of the room? Make it into a cozy nook by placing a bench beneath it and decorating with a few large and small pillows. You can crack open the window to enjoy the sun and fresh air while you stretch out and enjoy the view or curl up with a good book. Some benches are even equipped with shelving on either side of the seat or underneath it. Use that space to store your favorite books and make other decorative touches.

Bedroom Benches Are Best

Bedroom benches add a real touch of texture to any sleeping area and are one of the classiest ways to use benches in your home design. Placed at the foot of a bed, bedroom benches can provide comfort and support while you get dressed or can serve as a temporary rest stop between going to bed or waking up. If you have a particularly fancy bedroom festooned with throw pillows and extra blankets, a bedroom bench can host these plush items while you slumber or serve as storage space.

Hide Things!

Storage benches are an excellent (and sneaky) addition to any room! They usually have a dual function. First, they act as a surreptitious place to store just about anything, and secondly, they can double as any number of handy furniture pieces. Storage benches can serve as seats, ottomans, tables, or shelves. Meanwhile, you can keep anything you’d like out of sight but not out of mind—blankets, books, DVDs, game systems, coasters, you name it!

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