Top Tips for Choosing a Work Desk

Top Tips for Choosing a Work Desk

Top Tips for Choosing a Work Desk

A desk is one of the few pieces of furniture with endless opportunities. It can be used as a home base workstation whether you’re telecommuting or running your own business. It can be a study center, allowing you to pursue higher education or your kids to do homework or study for exams. It can even be a place to simply collect your thoughts, do a little sketching, or possibly write that best-selling novel. Whatever you choose to do there, your desk should provide a solid base for great work that looks good besides. To help you choose the right one, here are the top tips for choosing a work desk.

Location, Location, Location

Read the room! First, choose the right room with the proper atmosphere for whatever you plan to do at your work desk. If you have an unused office, bedroom, or large closet, all the better. But any place can become a prime workspace with the proper desk. Seek a room with a window view if you need sunlight and a natural view to think. Or, if you dislike distractions, find a spot where you have a view of a wall you can decorate in a way that sparks ideas. Do you need extra privacy or does the hubbub of a lively home make you feel more efficient? It’s up to you.

Measure Twice, Furnish Once

Measure your space to ensure the desk provides enough room to work without interrupting the natural flow of the room. A big desk can leave a room feeling cramped, especially if you like to get up and walk around while you think. Take into consideration space needed for peripheral office equipment such as trash baskets, printers and scanners, coffee makers, shelving, seating areas for potential clients, and so on. Once you have an idea of how much space you can work with, draw up an office plan showing where everything goes and imagine what would go best where.

Pick a Size and Style

One of the pleasant things about working from home is that you pick the office instead of it being picked for you. That gives you plenty of latitude to design a workspace that inspires you and accommodates your working style and décor. Thousands of styles are available, from live edge office desks that provide a rustic and rugged look to your office, to sleek modern designs that bring downtown glamor and panache to your home. Whatever style you pick, choose a desk that provides enough space for you to work, store things, and remain comfortable.


When considering the top tips for choosing a work desk, don’t forget that the perfect desk needs the perfect surroundings. Not sure how to redecorate your office? Make the desk the centerpiece and select other furniture that plays off its style and complements it. Bookshelves and bureaus should echo the desk’s style, and paint, lighting, and rugs should highlight its looks. Overall, make your office a statement about you. Picking the right desk is the best way to start.

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