home office space

Tips for Creating Your Home Office Space

home office space

If working at home is going great, then maybe it’s time to move away from the kitchen table and set up a proper, professional work area. You can create an office where work is a pleasure; all it takes is a few simple adjustments, the right furnishings, and a little bit of color. To help you get started, here are a few tips for creating your home office space.

Pick the Right Desk

Your desk is the centerpiece of the entire office, so choose carefully! Pick a desk that provides enough space for your daily work and any tools or peripherals you need, but which doesn’t overwhelm the area it occupies. Measure the room you intend to turn into an office and consider the size and position of your desk. Go for a look and style that appeals to you. Custom solid wood desks are a traditional and admirable addition to any effective office space. If you’d prefer, you could use a modern metal desk for a sleek design. The rest of the furnishings should complement the desk, so think of it as a physical suggestion and inspiration as you pick out other pieces.

Choose the Right Space and Protect It

If your new home office is a little-used room or recently cleared bedroom, all the better. It’ll keep you away from your home’s foot traffic and the usual distractions of television, food, drink, and inside and outside noise. If you have to make do with a smaller section of the front room, kitchen, or dining room, or another space, do what you can to minimize interruptions. Face your desk away from distractions or unnecessary screens. Add a panel or hanging curtain to give yourself the sensation of privacy. Purchase and set up a white noise machine to drown out annoying sounds.

Wire It Up

Are you getting enough light in your workspace? Make the most of natural light by stationing your desk near a window—but ensure you don’t get blinded by sunlight. Set up curtains to reduce the glare. Prepare for working during dusk by bathing your desk with the soft, warm, distinct glow of an LED bulb. It’s energy-efficient and it will provide an even wash of light on your work. Don’t neglect your electrical needs, either. Make sure you have access to an outlet and expand your access to electricity with a surge protector or power strip.

Storage Space

Here’s the last of our tips for creating your home office space: don’t forget your storage needs. If you can use a bedroom for your office, then all the better. You can store office supplies, printer paper, peripherals (like scanners and printers), filing cabinets, and records in the closet. If your chosen room doesn’t have a closet, don’t worry. You can use bookshelves instead. They can provide storage space without adding visual clutter to an area.

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