How To Choose the Right Entry Table for the Room

How To Choose the Right Entry Table for the Room

How To Choose the Right Entry Table for the Room

You always want to make a great first impression. That’s why a console table is an ideal addition to your home’s entryway. Establish your home as an elegant place to live and provide yourself with a place to store necessities and arrange displays that catch the eye. Here’s how to choose the right entry table for the room.

Measure for Measure

Before you install any piece of furniture, make sure you have the space for it. Measure your foyer and decide whether an entry table is a good addition to the space. A small table might make the entryway seem cluttered. Get out your tape measure and see how much space you have to work with, noting the necessary dimensions for a table that won’t stick out too much, block traffic, or interfere with the opening and closing of the door. Most console tables are best set against the wall, but if you have the room, a table in the center isn’t a bad look.

The Right Look

Think of the entry table as an introduction to the rest of the house. If you have a theme to your décor, start in the foyer with a piece that promises what people will find in the other rooms. Whether you prefer traditional designs or a more contemporary look, pick a table that reflects your style. If you have a rustic theme happening in your house or apartment, choose a rugged and natural-looking piece such as a live-edge wood entry table. If you prefer modernism, consider a metal-and-glass console table, which gives the place a cool and lovely atmosphere. Choose the entry table that speaks to your sense of style.

Keep Utility in Mind

Entryway tables are lovely additions to an entrance, but make sure they also serve a purpose. For example, one of the more popular uses of an entry table is as a place to pick up or deposit things when you’re leaving or returning from home. Get a table with a minimum of one drawer. It makes a great place to store items such as keys, coins, pens, notebooks, or scarves. If you prefer, you could store your items in a fancy bowl on top of the dresser.

Make a Display

When you’re deciding on how to choose the right entry table for the room, think of the future. Besides everyday items that you carry in your purse or pockets, what else can it host? A table with a mirror above it can make the entryway seem larger while also providing a place for people to check their appearance. If you want to create a mini family museum that’ll be the first thing guests see when they enter, make sure there’s enough room to safely display family pictures.

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