3 Tips To Help Keep Your Wooden Desk Looking New

3 Tips To Help Keep Your Wooden Desk Looking New

3 Tips To Help Keep Your Wooden Desk Looking New

If you invest in a live-edge office desk or a similar high-grade piece of furniture, you want it to last and look great for a long time. This is the place where you plan to work, create, and dream. Make it the perfect stage for all your projects while making a statement about who you are and your level of professionalism. If you aren’t sure how, here are three tips to help keep your wooden desk looking new.

Keep It Uncluttered

A messy desk makes a statement, and it’s not, “I am an organized person.” Papers and such tend to stack up on any desk, but don’t make a habit of building mountains of paperwork and cluttering your desk with office supplies, empty coffee mugs, and other extraneous materials. It’s not just messy—you’re running the risk of doing permanent damage through scratches, spills, and stains that you may not notice until it’s too late to fix them.

Create a system for jobs coming in and going out, clearing completed tasks, and putting a limit on the number of “to-do” jobs occupying your desk. If you do eat and drink there, employ coasters and take any dirty plates and mugs back to the kitchen. And watch for damage from staples, scissors, hole-punchers, and any other tools occupying your desk.

Preserve It From Water, Heat, and Light

The three biggest enemies of wood finishes are water, heat sources, and sunlight. Keep your desk away from areas that get a lot of sun—or simply draw the curtains—as too much sunlight over time can fade the finish and heat can warp the wood. Likewise, don’t put a fine piece of wooden furniture near a heating vent, space heater, or other heat source. This can both warp the wood and damage the finish as well.

Finally, water is bad in every form. Don’t place a live-edge office desk in a room that can become humid or that features a water source that can emit spray or mist. And if you have a spill, wipe it up immediately before it sets.

Wipe It Down

The last of our three tips to help keep your wooden desk looking new is to invest in a package of microfiber cloths and keep them handy to give the desk an occasional wipe-down. Don’t let dust build up, and avoid the use of dust sprays and other cleaning chemicals, which can dull the look of the wood and leave residue. There are gentle polishes and cleaners out there that do a decent job, but you can also make do with a water and vinegar solution.

And don’t soak the wood, ever. Just wipe it down with a cloth infused with a cleaning solution and then immediately dry it off. You’ll keep your desk looking lustrous for years to come!

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