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3 Wick Pottery Soy Candle - With Beads

3 Wick Pottery Soy Candle - With Beads

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The Carpentry Shop Co. is proud to present Cedar Mountain Candles.

Discover the exquisite and exclusive world of Cedar Mountain Wholesale Candles. Pure and natural, our candles are crafted with 100% soy wax, infused with delicate essential oils. Make a statement with our beautifully designed 3 wick pottery dough bowls, filled with dye-free soy wax and cotton wicks. Choose from a variety of scents and colors, and once the candle is gone, repurpose the vessel for a charming farmhouse touch in your home. Each candle is carefully shrink wrapped to protect its integrity during shipping. Illuminate your space with elegance and style with our 18 oz soy candle.


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