What Reclaimed Wood Furniture Is

What Reclaimed Wood Furniture Is

What Reclaimed Wood Furniture Is

If you’re tired of ready-to-assemble furniture and factory-made pieces, maybe it’s time for something that’s simultaneously new and antique. Reclaimed wood is hot right now, lending looks to newly handmade furniture that is both classic and rustic. But what is reclaimed wood furniture, and how can it beautify your home or office?

Where Does It Come From?

Reclaimed wood is essentially old, previously used wood. It can be recovered from any number of places, including old structures such as rural barns and houses, fences, beams, posts, planks, and other cuts of lumber from structures that have been torn down or allowed to collapse. There are many dealers in reclaimed wood these days who scour the country for such materials, preparing them and reselling them to furniture makers, designers, architects, and others involved in erecting and redecorating newer buildings.

What Is Reclaimed Wood Good For?

What isn’t it good for? Better put, it’s good for almost any project or purpose it inspires. Reclaimed wood has a charming, worn, and aged appearance that can be emulated using modern refinishing techniques but never perfectly imitated. Reclaimed wood may also come from old forests, providing wood that either doesn’t exist, can no longer be harvested, or is no longer allowed to be sold in this country due to international and national laws created to combat deforestation.

What To Watch Out For

As with most desirable things, there’s a market for reclaimed wood, and among the many reputable dealers, there are some untrustworthy ones. Newer lumber can be treated to resemble reclaimed wood and marked up to ridiculous prices. Less respectable dealers can also fail to treat reclaimed wood properly, leaving you open to all sorts of toxic materials used in the “good old days,” including insecticides, glues, preservatives, lead, and other chemicals. There’s also the potential threat of it inviting termites, carpenter ants, and other wood-eating critters into your home. Be sure you know who you're dealing with!

Where Can I Find Reclaimed Wood Furniture?

Right here, on the Carpentry Shop Co. website! We’ve worked with reclaimed wood for years, turning out beautiful and unique handcrafted reclaimed wood furniture, from coffee tables to dining room sets to benches and desks. Every piece is handmade and has an inimitable look that can’t be duplicated elsewhere. We buy our wood from legitimate dealers, and for every piece we sell, a new tree is planted through the One Tree Planted charity. Want to know what reclaimed wood furniture is? It’s a gorgeous, environmentally conscious, and unique way for you to decorate your home or office.

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