Three Maintenance Tips for Live-Edge Dining Tables

Three Maintenance Tips for Live-Edge Dining Tables

Three Maintenance Tips for Live-Edge Dining Tables

A custom wood dining table is more than a place to eat—it’s an elegant centerpiece to the special room where you break bread and make memories. If you own a live-edge wood dining table, all the better. The rugged, rustic, and traditional look of a live-edge piece of furniture lends heft, stability, and beauty to your home’s environs. But as rugged and durable as it looks, a live edge custom wood dining table requires basic upkeep. Check out these three maintenance tips for live-edge dining tables to keep them in good shape.

Keep It Dry

Water is only a friend of wood when the tree is still alive. Otherwise, water can ruin finishes and warp wood if the liquid is allowed to settle. Use coasters, trivets, and placemats that serve as barriers between the wood and wet, dripping glasses, bowls, pots, or other containers. Some spills can’t be avoided, so be sure to wipe them up right away. Most live-edge wood furniture has a protective coat or seal to prevent water rings and the like, but don’t depend on it! Keep moisture in mind when the humidity rises as well. Hot and muggy weather can warp wood. The more you protect your table from moisture, the longer it will last and the better it will look.

Shield It From Scratches and More

Wood is a great material because it’s strong, beautiful, and, best of all, versatile. That versatility allows woodworkers and carpenters to hew wood into so many different shapes and forms. Its biggest advantage is also its biggest drawback since wood is easily nicked, cut, scraped, scratched, and otherwise damaged, even from light use. Keep your table out of the path of regular foot traffic or places where furniture and other objects risk bumping into it. Table pads are a worthy investment and should be combined with a tablecloth whether the table is in use or not. Certainly, there will be times when you want to show off the table in all its glory, but keep it concealed for the most part so that it stays lovelier longer.

Keep It Clean

The last of our three maintenance tips for live-edge dining tables is the most important. Unless you keep it covered with a tablecloth all the time, an exposed tabletop will get dirty. Invest in microfiber cloths which you will use to gently dust the wood without scratching it or leaving behind any lint or other materials. Avoid cleaning products, especially those with ammonia in them. It can ruin the finish. A solution of vinegar and warm water will do. Dampen the cloth and wipe down the table, then remove the solution with a dry cloth. Wipe down the live edge carefully, pushing into cracks and so forth with your finger. Give the table a final buffing when you’re done. Do this regularly, and you’re bound to keep your table looking as perfect as the day you bought it.

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