The Most Common Uses of Natural Wooden Slabs

The Most Common Uses of Natural Wooden Slabs

The Most Common Uses of Natural Wooden Slabs

At one time, wood slabs were considered large, wasted, junky pieces of wood left over when a tree was processed into lumber. In the good old days, they might have served as a pioneer’s tabletop or similar piece. Nowadays, the unique beauty, markings, color, and lovely oddness of wood slabs have made them a rare commodity in the handcrafted solid wood furniture business. While you can always make do with a mass-produced table or chair, wood slab furniture really brings a rough and gorgeous ambience and personality to your home. Curious about how you’ll display the right piece for you? Here are the most common uses of natural wooden slabs.


A large wood slab provides strength, stability, and a flat surface—the perfect combination for a kitchen or dining room table. Whether it’s a small Sunday breakfast or a holiday feast, wood slabs provide a pleasant and sturdy place to break bread, toast one another, and converse with friends and family. The classic look of wood fits in with most any décor, whether you prefer a rustic appearance or a vigorous and virile look for a more modern décor. Live edge wood slabs tell a story too, creating a conversation piece or stirring up old memories in your guests’ minds. Wood slabs are a prime place to prepare food as well, and you can even use them as countertops.


Looking for a piece of office furniture that will show off your brains, guts, and determination? A wood slab desk gives off a brawny vibe that says that business isn’t so different from life in the wild. A properly stained and finished wood slab desk has an aura of elegance as well, appearing both rich and sophisticated—and suffused with an unmistakable allure. Wood slabs tend to go big too, so you’ll have plenty of space to spread out and survey your projects.

Coffee Tables

Not to hammer on the idea of wood slabs as strictly table fodder, but they nevertheless excel as coffee tables. Once again, their natural markings, eye-catching edges, and utter solidity make them perfect for coffee tables. Whether you entertain frequently, need a place to show off your best books and tchotchkes, or need a convenient surface for game night, a wood slab coffee table provides the room and structure you require.


Still wondering about the most common uses of natural wooden slabs? Consider benches. Making use of slightly slimmer pieces, wood slab benches bring the same rustic look and firmness of larger pieces on a smaller scale. Benches are multipurpose too, serving as places to sit, entryway tables, display areas, and more. Also, if you pick up several from the same source tree, you have the wonderful paradox of several similarly handsome pieces of furniture that look nothing alike.

Curious about adding wood slab pieces and other handcrafted solid wood furniture to your décor? Contact us for more information and to discover your options.

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