New Year, New Traditions

New Year, New Traditions

Ushering in New Traditions

Now that the twinkle of holiday lights has dimmed and we´ve all had our fill of family dinners, sweet treats, and bubbly, it´s time to welcome in a brand-new year—time´s very own carte blanche! This is a fresh, new beginning where only the sky is the limit.  Traditionally, I use this time to check in with friends to hear all about their big new year resolutions, promises they are intent on keeping, and vision boards they are dutifully constructing.  I admit that I am not above the new year resolution and goal setting. It is, after all, tradition, and some traditions are tried and true.
While 2022 was an exciting year filled with growth and endless expansion, we admittedly fell victim to burning the candle at both ends. There were more late nights at the office and rescheduling of personal commitments than we care to admit. We are ambitious business owners; however, we are a family first.  That is why we have decided to usher in 2023 by implementing a new family-business tradition: creating space for conscious balance.  I know in my heart; we can do and have it all-- just not all at once.  With so many exciting projects on the horizon, our true measure of success will be attending Sofia´s school concerts and Ally´s dance recitals. Our priorities will center around morning walks to the bus stop and yummy pizza nights with our girls. After all, these are the traditions that matter most. As we continue to grow our business, our legacy, and our family bond, our aim is to always keep top of mind what lies at the heart of it all--family.
Here´s to creating new traditions! Wishing you all a wonderful 2023!
Natalie Dion

  • We have a new home…online! Check out our newly upgraded website and shop all of your favorite TCSC items HERE!
  • Stepping into hospitality! Our first hospitality project–a magical and lovingly-restored, 18-room inn located in West Dover, VT–is now taking reservations! Feel free to browse our booking site and enjoy the incredible natural surroundings and enjoy your stay in true TSCS style! Book HERE!

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We are extending our offering to new TCSC Collections!
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  • TCSC Outdoors (formerly Dion City Landscaping) launch!
  • WRKSHP launch– A capsule collection of smaller more approachable furnishings for life in the making. 
February 26th–The Carpentry Shop Co. turns 3! Look at us!
  • We can´t wait to have you SIT with us! Dining chairs and sofas to complete your dining and living room looks set to launch later on this year!
  • Some exciting collaborations are in the works! This will be our first time collaborating with other makers.  We´re expanding our home goods lines to include candles, textiles, and ceramics! Stay tuned!
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