How To Purchase Outdoor Furniture Based on Your Home

How To Purchase Outdoor Furniture Based on Your Home

How To Purchase Outdoor Furniture Based on Your Home

If you live in an icy and wintry region, take heart. Warm weather will return, and you can enjoy the great outdoors more often. Until then, prepare to lounge around your backyard and patio by picking up a handsome new set of patio furniture. This is the best time to do it since prices are lower and selection is greater online. But if you’re reluctant to select a set because you aren’t sure what to look for, check out the following blog post. If you lack experience in the patio furniture department, allow us to share a few tips on how to purchase outdoor furniture based on your home.

Think About What You’re Looking For

The first thing to consider is what you want your patio furniture to do. Are you looking for a quiet place to read, write, doodle, or snooze? Look for a simple set of chairs and a chaise lounge with an umbrella as protection against the sun. Are you planning to entertain friends and family? Look for a table and however many chairs you’ll require for barbecues and eating alfresco. Want an outdoor office? A table, chair, and splendid view might be all you require.

Measure, Measure, Measure

One of the biggest limitations to your vision of the perfect patio furniture set-up is how much space you have to work with. Measure your yard, patio, or another area you intend to set up the furniture. Keep these measurements in mind and note the size of diverse types of furniture, using a piece of graph paper to plot out where everything goes. More bijou spaces may require smaller or fewer pieces, but don’t underestimate how a few simple pieces can make a small space lovely. By that same token, don’t buy undersized furniture for a large area. It will look strange and out of place.

Try Before You Buy

One of the wonderful things about patio furniture is that, unlike many other products, you can give it a test run. Many hardware stores, garden stores, and other merchants create displays of patio furniture you can sit on, lay down on, and stretch out on to get a feel for their comfort level. Note the colors, materials, cushions, and other elements. Seeing them in real life is far different from reviewing jpegs on a website. Even if you don’t buy the specific sets on display at your local store, you can derive a better impression of what similar furniture pieces have to offer.

Consider the Care and Upkeep

Think about where you live. Is it mostly wet or dry during the summer, and how does this affect metal, plastic, or wood? Are there particular insects and other vermin that can potentially attack and destroy certain patio furniture materials? Do you experience heavy winters, and is it safe to leave the furniture out in the snow over the season? Your patio furniture stays outside day and night, and sometimes all year long. Consider how much upkeep you’ll have to do to keep it in decent shape. For example, think about whether you need to treat the wood, periodically launder or wipe down the cushions, paint the metal to resist rust, and more. Keeping patio furniture clean and safe is necessary, but how much work are you willing to put into it?

Who’s Got the Look?

Naturally, looks are everything when it comes to picking patio furniture. Therefore, try to match your home’s exteriors. Picking complementary colors is easy enough, but you should also consider textures, tones, and materials. Does your home have a rugged and rustic look? Wood patio furniture is the best choice. Houses with a more sleek and contemporary design favor metal. Think of your patio furniture as a preview of what’s inside your home, and look for furniture that sets the stage.

Look for Mobility

If you don’t intend to make too many changes to your patio furniture and outside décor, large and heavy pieces are fine. Otherwise, pick furniture and accessories that you can easily move and remove. Of course, you can easily transport wheeled patio furniture to other places in the yard, allowing for a variety of layouts. Ensure that you can place umbrellas anywhere and adjust them to match the suns’ movements. Patio furniture works best when you can adjust it for comfort and style.


As mentioned, patio furniture often stays outdoors all year round. Still, storage is an important consideration. If it’s tough enough, leave it out in the sun, rain, snow, and ice all year long. On the other hand, a tarp or all-weather cover will help any pieces last longer.

Then again, if you’d like the patio furniture completely away and out of sight during the cold months, think about where you’ll put it. Having a garage or shed on the property is great, but measure your furniture to see if it’ll all fit. If you can break the furniture down, it’s all the better. If you need to store it off-site, look for pieces that you can easily load and transport. The lighter the load, the better.


Think about what you’re willing to spend when deciding on patio furniture. If you’re planning major renovations to the interior or exterior, incorporate the cost of patio furniture in the budget. The best time to buy is mid-summer. There’ll be more sales and discounts available as merchants try to prepare for autumn.

While you can find outdoor furniture online, you won’t find any displays you can test during the winter. If you have an eye for bargains, visit thrift stores, second-hand stores, and garage sales, especially in affluent areas. You can find beautiful and classic pieces for next to nothing that might require only a new coat of paint, a little reupholstery, or other treatments.

Consulting an Expert

When considering how to purchase outdoor furniture based on your home, look for an expert furniture maker, like the Carpentry Shop Company. If you have the means, the surest way to get patio furniture that matches your home is to have it built specifically for your décor and environment. We offer an assortment of premade and custom outdoor furniture that will blend in well with your home’s exterior and landscaping. Contact us today for a consultation about what you’re looking for and what we can do for you!

How To Purchase Outdoor Furniture Based on Your Home
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