Easy Ways To Feng Shui Your Entryway

Easy Ways To Feng Shui Your Entryway

Easy Ways To Feng Shui Your Entryway

Your home’s entrance sets the scene and tone for the rest of your house. A cluttered foyer suggests a cluttered home, while one that’s too airy might propose that your house lacks substance. With a few simple changes and additions, you can create a foyer that sets a pleasant scene for your living space and puts your guests at ease. Here is a selection of easy ways to feng shui your entryway with minimal investment and hassle.

Clean It Up, and Keep It Clean

Obviously, the best way to clear an entryway is to remove what doesn’t need to be there. Clean up the area regularly, sweeping up and vacuuming away any dirt, leaves, or other materials that can make the foyer look drab and dingy. Paint the walls a welcoming yellow or similarly bright (but not garish) color. Add some small and pleasant paintings or prints in the area that are light and cheerful, but avoid sticking mirrors on the walls, especially across from the doorway. Mirrors can provide the illusion of space in other rooms, but putting one in front of the door can seem confrontational and claustrophobic to anyone walking in.

Light Up Your Life

Lighting is vital for a foyer. If your door lacks a window, you need to find another way to ensure the entryway is filled with a soft, warm, and welcoming light rather than dim and drab illumination. Overhead lighting is best, and an inconspicuous ceiling light just above most people’s line of sight can provide a cheerful radiance to the front hall.

Bring the Green

One easy way to feng shui your entryway is to introduce plants. Be sure the pots or planters aren’t so large that they dominate the space and that when they grow, they don’t take over the entryway. Plants provide oxygen, of course, but they’re also a lovely reminder of nature and life and provide an accent of green that puts people at ease.

Furnishings Bring Order

Everyone has the urge to kick off their shoes when they enter a home, but an unsightly pile of footwear does nothing for the visual flow of the foyer. Make a closet the spot for storing shoes, coats, and jackets. If one isn’t available, consider installing a short bookshelf or bench with a storage space underneath. The bench offers a place to sit, change, and enjoy those first few seconds back home. Keep decluttering in mind by adding an inobtrusive umbrella stand beside the bench or shelf. As a rule, don’t allow coats and jackets to be draped across the bench. Add a coat rack if you lack a closet but move to where it doesn’t compete for space with other elements. Finally, a lovely live edge wood entry table provides natural beauty and a place to rest keys and other implements in unobtrusive vases or other containers.

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