5 Ways Wooden Furniture Can Transform Modern Spaces

5 Ways Wooden Furniture Can Transform Modern Spaces

5 Ways Wooden Furniture Can Transform Modern Spaces

You might favor more contemporary and modern décor in your home, but don’t discount the addition of wood furniture. Wood may seem relegated to rustic interiors and traditional decorating, but some pieces fit in perfectly with the shiny, futuristic look of metal and glass furniture. If you want a few ideas for incorporating wooden furniture into your home, here are five ways wooden furniture can transform modern spaces.

Balances Textures

If you prefer a smooth, shiny look to your décor, wood can enhance metal and glass with its own highly polished ambience. At the same time, it adds pleasing textures to the spaces in between, adding a sense of solidity to the place. Handmade wood furniture, especially live-edge wood furniture, brings rugged edges and patterns that metal can’t mimic. Mix wood, metal, glass, and stone furnishings to create a sense of poetry in a room, giving each of the different elements its own “voice.”

Sets the Tone

Beautiful as it is, modern contemporary furniture provides little in the way of subtle colors. Often hued in a singular way, contemporary furniture can be a bit monotonous. Wood, on the other hand, is rarely dull, coming in an amazing assortment of tones, whether stained, finished, or left in its natural state. Wood furniture provides a friendly, comforting bit of natural color amid all that lustrous, gleaming metal. The visual statement that wood pieces provide is anything but wooden.

Brings Warmth

Some people like cool, clinical-looking décor—but not everybody. If things seem a bit chilly, add some coziness with a few well-appointed wood furnishings. Comfort goes beyond a snug place to sit or sleep. It can also mean visual comfort, which gives the eye a break from clean lines and frigid white space. Pick pieces that don’t dominate the scene but that act as a frame for the room’s most eye-catching elements.

Makes Everything Old New Again

One of the tremendous things about wood is that it can be crafted, shaped, honed, or treated to keep up with the times. Handmade wood furniture doesn’t mean only farmhouse and rustic styles. In the past century, modern style incorporated wood to create furniture that remained warm but sophisticated. Mid-century modern pieces provide wood’s durability and naturalism while providing unique, organic, geometric shapes and forms. If you can’t find original mid-century modern furnishings, plenty of craftspeople are turning out replicas or, even better, contemporary pieces.

Adds Authenticity

Here’s the last of our five ways wooden furniture can transform modern spaces: don’t rely on furniture. If your home offers the possibility of exposed beams, hardwood floors, and wall cladding, let it show! Rustic, beaten, and aged wood can add a layer of authenticity to any room. Reclaimed wood—or wood that has naturally aged in a barn or the like—is especially lovely and offers a nice dichotomy between the old and new. Explore your options!

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