Why Wooden Trash Enclosures Help Keep Pests Away

Why Wooden Trash Enclosures Help Keep Pests Away

Why Wooden Trash Enclosures Help Keep Pests Away

Wooden enclosures might seem excessive to some folks. After all, if you keep your garbage bins shut tight, that should be enough to keep hungry critters away. Right? Not always. Securing the lids on your trash cans is important, but it helps to put up another line of defense against vermin invasion. Here’s why wooden trash enclosures help keep pests away.

They Provide Security

The first and most obvious way wooden trash enclosures keep pests away is simple: they provide an encircling wall against certain pests. Solids can’t get through solids. Good fences foil pests, and wooden trash enclosures are some of the best fences around. They prevent mice, rats, raccoons, opossums, squirrels, bears, and other mammals from breaking, entering, and helping themselves. And if you keep your trash bags cinched, the lids on your bins down, and a wooden enclosure around the trash, you’ve got three ways of keeping invaders from smelling and becoming interested in your trash.

They Repel Insects

Small, persistent, and annoying, insects can almost always find a way into any place. However, if you choose a cedar wooden trash enclosure, the wood’s aromatic nature and natural oils will repel many different types of insects. Many flies, moths, mosquitoes, cockroaches, termites, ants, and other insects have an automatic aversion to cedar oil. Cedarwood can’t keep every kind of bug away, but it will cut down on the number that like to check out your trash for food and to meet and mate with other insects.

They Stay Clean

Here’s another reason why wooden trash enclosures help keep pests away: wooden trash enclosures keep things neat and tidy. Trash can fall out of loose bins and attract even more pests. But when the bins are locked away, they can’t spill, and vermin can’t tip them over and break in. An enclosure also protects your trash from collisions or sideswipes from passing vehicles. And when you lock up your bins, humans aren’t able to go through your trash in search of documents and other private things. On top of that, a wooden enclosure just looks better than a collection of trash cans.

Purchasing a wood trash enclosure is a great investment, and not simply because it keeps pests away. The value of your property increases, your home develops greater curb appeal, and the absence of smell and vermin offers a better sense of health, safety, and security. Contact us for more information about building one for you!

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