Why a Natural Wood Dining Table Is Superior

Why a Natural Wood Dining Table Is Superior

Why a Natural Wood Dining Table Is Superior

When you’re outfitting your dining room, don’t forget the centerpiece—the dining room table! And when you’re choosing your table, keep the beauty, elegance, strength, and charm of wood in mind. Wood is your best material for many pieces, but it especially excels when it’s used to build dining room tables. If you need a list of reasons to go with wood, read why a natural wood dining table is superior.


For thousands of years, wood has proven to be one of the most durable materials ever known. Capable of being crafted into many different shapes and projects, it still retains an impressive level of strength and resilience even at its most delicate. Wood stands up to long-time use, and when you care for a wooden table by keeping it clean, polished, and at least partially protected with tablecloths and pads, it can last for an exceptionally long time.


Here’s another reason a natural wood dining table is superior to tables made of other materials: wood is sustainable, and unlike metal, glass, marble, and other materials, you can always grow more trees. While some woods are rare or unavailable, sustainable woods like pine, mahogany, ash, oak, and others continue to grow in cultivated forests and are often replaced by two or more new trees when they’re cut down. Wood is biodegradable too, so there’s no harm to the environment when the table is eventually disposed of.

Unique Style

While there are similarities between pieces of furniture made with the same woods, every piece has its own unique color, pattern, grain, and shape. Custom wood dining tables have far more personality and style than tables made of metal or glass and lend their character to their surroundings. Wood continues to signify artisanship, expertise, and history. A custom wood dining table has more of a story to tell and adds prestige to your reputation as a person of taste and distinction.

Easy To Care For

Wood doesn’t ask for much to keep looking good. By and large, keep it dusted with a microfiber cloth and dust spray, but keep the spray from building up and producing a dull finish. Ensure that glasses and mugs aren’t allowed to sit and sweat on the wood; otherwise, they’ll produce rings that can only be eliminated with a special solution of vinegar and oil. Provide a pad and tablecloth during meals, as well as coasters and padded trivets if the wood is exposed. Keep the table away from any heat sources that can warp the woods as well. In short, take care of the wood, and it’ll stay looking effortlessly sharp for decades to come.

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