Unique Dining Table Ideas to Enhance Your Dining Room

Unique Dining Table Ideas to Enhance Your Dining Room

Unique Dining Table Ideas to Enhance Your Dining Room

The dining room is a place where so many things can happen. Whether you’re serving up Thanksgiving dinner, gathering in memory of a departed loved one, or simply enjoying drinks and conversation with good friends and family, it’s a room where so much life happens. With that in mind, make it a place that speaks to your tastes and your home’s personality while thinking of the comfort and convenience of your guests. Start with the centerpiece of the room: the table. Here are several unique dining table ideas to enhance your dining room.

Go Sleek and Modern

While dining is an age-old custom, that doesn’t mean you have to dine on a traditional wooden table. Modernist designs often incorporate plastic, glass, and/or steel featuring long, clean lines and a design that provides a more airy and open sensation. Modernist furniture is also more sedate and elegant, not dependent on ornamentation to put across an image of class and chicness. If you’re bringing a mid-20th century look to your place with a post-war jazz or even space-age aesthetic, look for a table in that mold.

The Call of the Wild

But maybe you’re looking for something earthier that gets back to nature. When considering unique dining table ideas to enhance your dining room, sometimes rustic is the way to go. Dining is about the ancient practice of coming together to drink, sup, converse, and celebrate. Resurrect camaraderie and bonhomie in your dining room with a live edge slab dining table. Live edge slabs are the planks and pieces of wood left after a tree has been converted into standard lumber cuts. They often retain their bark along the sides and can be treated and converted into rough and lovely pieces of furniture by woodworkers and carpenters. Slabs are excellent surfaces for tables, shelves, benches, desks, and other furnishings, but they especially shine in live edge slab dining tables. Add an outdoorsy or farmhouse look to your home with one.

Put on a Pedestal

If you have a smaller dining space and need to make the most of it, go for a pedestal table. Most often round, but sometimes square, the single pedestal supporting the table allows for more space underneath, giving diners a little more legroom and the room itself a more open feeling. While they’re smaller, there’s more space than you might think. You’ll find pedestal tables in all sorts of styles, from casual and fun to elegant and refined, incorporating the modern or rustic looks of the previously mentioned styles. Generally, though, they fit well in cozy, sunny, and friendly nooks and corners. And if the table is adjustable and includes an extra leaf, you can seat even more people there!

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