The Benefits of an Entryway Table

The Benefits of an Entryway Table

The Benefits of an Entryway Table

If you have little space in your foyer, consider the benefits of an entryway table. Also known as a console table, entryway tables are slim and tall surfaces you can set against the wall and near the door to add sophistication as well as utility to your lobby. Here are several good reasons to add an entryway table to dress up your entrance for guests. It’ll also make leaving and returning home easier and more welcoming.

Set the Theme for the Rest of Your Home

Most entryways are limited in space, but you can always do something with the space you have. If you have a large lobby, use it to set the scene and reflect the theme for the rest of your house. A large round or square table or a conversation piece (such as a statue or a large indoor tree) can sit in the center, while paintings and photographs adorn the walls. A smaller entryway is nicely appointed with a smaller, thinner console table against the wall. Make sure it doesn’t block the entrance. Whatever table you pick, make it echo the look of the next room to prevent a jarring transition. For example, a rustic custom wood console table shouldn’t come before a more modernist living room layout of spare-looking glass and metal furniture.

A Place for Your Stuff

Custom wood console tables provide another welcoming attribute: a place to keep stuff. Coming home carries more satisfaction when there’s a place to unload your hands and pockets. Pick an entryway table that fits the space while providing enough area for a change container, key holder, wallet or purse, mail, and the like. Keep it neat by choosing boxes and jars that complement the décor. If you can, find a table with a shelf below for holding items such as satchels or other things. Pick an umbrella stand as a side piece and add a standing or wall-mounted coat rack beside it. It all helps you take a load off whenever you return home. Plus, you know where your things are later!

A Little Light, a Touch of Color

More than likely, your entryway already features a ceiling light—but such lighting can be harsh and unpleasant. A small table lamp perched on a console table can provide a warmer and more inviting light. Pick an unobtrusive lamp that casts a soft glow, illuminating the foyer and whatever knickknacks you have on display. Many design sites recommend following the rule of three, displaying three dissimilar objects to add visual variety. With that in mind, add a pop of color to the foyer by displaying bright and cheerful objects such as artificial fruit displays or flower arrangements. Furthermore, one of the benefits of an entryway table is that it tells visitors a story about you and your family. Make sure it’s a good one!

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