Rustic Touches

Rustic Touches


We love working with reclaimed wood. There is something special about incorporating old elements into a new space. 
Today I am going to touch on a few projects that incorporate Reclaimed Wood

We designed this shelving system for a master bathroom. The wall was bare and we wanted to add some character to the bathroom that was not only beautiful but functional. This two tier shelving system was created and is now available for purchase.


This ten foot dining table is truly a work of art. Created from salvaged barn-wood this table stands as the focal-point of the dining room. While other elements in the room pay homage to french style embellishments. This table stands alone and manages to complete the space at the same time.

This floating rustic shelf was added to bring energy to our showroom. This shelving system is different as the brackets are hidden. This allows the shelf to be the focal point.  Make it your own by adding in your own personal items. 

This beautiful coffee table set was created using salvaged wood from a Brooklyn Brownstone in NYC. Despite the rustic appearance this table is soft to the touch. This wood features natural checks, holes and nail marks. 

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