On the Road to New Adventuresđźš•

On the Road to New Adventuresđźš•

Do It With Love

or Not At All

As a native New Yorker, I feel so fortunate to have grown up in such a tight-knit family.  Our girl tribe consisted of my larger-than-life, Puerto Rican mom and two sisters, providing me with a lifelong cheering squad.  I still count my blessings every single day.  Most people might imagine a glamorous Manhattan upbringing but the reality was far more “In the Heights” than “Gossip Girl.”  My childhood was filled with beautiful memories of warm Arroz con Guandules and Salsa Sunday mornings. My mom cleaned the apartment as I performed lively living room concerts complete with costume changes straight out of her closet.  I was a multifaceted kind of kid–always trying out new things or diving head-first into new projects, yet my mother´s grounding helped me maintain the focus and dedication I needed to break through the turbulence of a young and highly-creative existence. It was all too often I heard my mother tell me, "Natalie if you´re gonna do this, do it right. Do it with love or not at all." 


This phrase lives in my soul and is very much a part of who I am today. More than often, I use it as my motivator when I am rightfully exhausted and just want to quit.  Like many women, I lead a busy life. I have two young daughters, household responsibilities, friendships to maintain, and sanity to uphold while running businesses located across two states–the list is never-ending! These are the moments when I lean into my mother´s words of wisdom. I remind myself that, although I´m hardwired to multitask, I know the importance of buckling down, focusing, and giving things the proper love and attention they require. Without proper love and care, seeds do not grow.


Over the past three years, we have planted our seeds and know it is time to tend to our garden. We are honing our craft, strengthening our process, and giving each new exciting opportunity, the time and attention it deserves.  From handmade coasters and massive 14' tables to the small touches in each Sugar Maple suite– our promise is to do with love, or not at all.


Wishing you all the best


Natalie Dion


  • We´ve been busy at work and are excited to announce the launch of our newest collection, WRKSHP (Work·Shop)--A carefully curated collection of natural wood furnishings made for life in the making. Each piece offers select customization options, a sleek design, and simple at-home assembly.
  • In the latter part of the month, we´re launching our newly re-branded outdoor collection, TCSC Outdoors (formerly Dion City Landscaping), where we will feature everything from beautifully-designed outdoor seating to pergolas and everything you will need to enjoy the warmer months!  
    • We anticipate a very busy Spring/Summer so feel free to start planning out your outdoor living space today. Book a complimentary design call HERE. 
  • Graduation and Wedding season is just around the corner. If you´re in need of the perfect all-inclusive venue to celebrate and host your guests, we invite you to check out our newest hospitality project, Sugar Maple Inn–a magical and lovingly-restored, 18-room inn located in West Dover, VT! Book HERE.

We have the BEST clients.
This is a known fact! So when our clients trust us to venture into new and uncharted design territory, it really makes our hearts swell! This is exactly what happened with T. Ragsdale, an awesome new TCSC client!  With a new baby at home, he and his lovely wife purchased their beautiful Haworth home and had been living without dining room furniture, for over a year.  Unable to find a company that could make all of your dining room dreams come true, Mr. Ragsdale stumbled upon TCSC and ended up commissioning our team to design and produce all of his dining room furniture, complete with upholstery elements–a first for our team! The Ragsdales have been a dream to work with and we can´t wait to keep exploring new ways to bring all of our client's visions to life!  

This month we celebrated the birthdays of two of our most important bosses, our very own Chief Happiness Officers–Sofia and Ally!


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