How To Make Your Workspace More Productive

How To Make Your Workspace More Productive

How To Make Your Workspace More Productive

You’ve set up the perfect office, with lovely furniture and everything at your fingertips. But it still feels like you’re getting nothing done. If you’re wondering what’s missing—or not missing—that keeps you from working, don’t worry. Here are a few tips on how to make your workspace more productive.

Keep It Clean

Disorder is the enemy of productivity. If you aren’t keeping your office neat and clean, it will interfere with your thinking processes or provide the excuse of getting up and cleaning when you should work. Do a massive cleaning in your office at least once a month so that the only daily maintenance left is to empty the wastebasket. Stay on top of filing, and don’t turn every surface into a pile of papers. If you can’t see your desk, you’re not getting anything done. And if you invested in a live edge office desk or other pieces of fine office furniture, why would you want to hide such a beautiful desk?

Try To Go Paperless

The business world floats on paper, of course, but in the end, it’s a bit much and bad for the environment. Cut back on your paper use by creating and sharing more online documents, sending an email instead of snail mail, and paying bills and the like electronically. Less paper means less clutter and less need for physical storage, which can ultimately save you money as well as space. And as we’ve already noted, less paper means more room to think and dream up new ideas and less clean up!

Room To Move

A cramped office also cramps your style. Make sure there’s room to move and breathe in your workspace. Ensure you have airflow and walking paths between the furniture, especially if you interact with or entertain clients. Getting rid of a feeling of claustrophobia can leave you feeling freer and looser; also, adding some physicality to your work keeps your mind lively and alert. Of course, a window is a plus, so leave the curtains open to let the sunshine in and make the room seem larger.

Remove the Distractions

One more tip on how to make your workspace more productive is likely the most obvious one. If something is distracting you, find a way to remove or block it. Loud noises inside or outside? Find the source and stifle it. If that’s not possible, invest in a pair of noise-canceling headphones or noise-blocking insulation you can install in the walls of your office. Distracting lights or similar visual cacophony outside your window? Get blackout blinds you can draw until the problem is past. Wiring your office for sound and playing soothing music or sounds is also a great way to create a calm and productive environment. If none of this works, you should try to relocate to another part of the house.

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