Best Ways To Decorate Your Home’s Sunroom

Best Ways To Decorate Your Home’s Sunroom

Best Ways To Decorate Your Home’s Sunroom

Do you have a sunroom where the light pours in and delivers a pleasant warmth while you read, write, or otherwise relax? Lucky you. But perhaps you’re not entirely satisfied with the look of the place. If the furniture is drab and worn, the floors subpar, and the general décor a bit dull, then it’s time for a change. But where should you start? Read on for a list of the best ways to decorate your home’s sunroom.

Clean It Up and Mix It Up

A dusty, dingy sunroom is a contradiction in terms. It might sound ridiculous, but the surest and cheapest way to refresh any room in the house is to engage in a deep cleaning and re-arranging. Move the furniture out of the room and give the floor a thorough sweeping, vacuuming, and scrubbing. The scent of pine- or lemon-scented cleaner alone will add a pleasant olfactory dimension to the area, and a shiny floor will literally brighten up the place. Give the furniture a good polishing or fabric-cleaning, launder the curtains, and clean the glass on the windows or patio doors inside and out. You’ll notice an immediate difference in the look and feel of the place. It will also set the scene for an update on a larger scale.

Pick the Right Pieces for the Place

The biggest benefit of a sunroom is your furniture’s biggest enemy: sunlight. Sunlight unrelentingly beats down on all your furniture, causing their color and overall quality to fade quickly. The best way to beat the sunlight is to invest in metal or wicker furniture. However, you can take time to pick out blackout curtains that can offset the long-term effects of the sun. And if you do that, then there’s no reason why you can’t place comfortable custom-made solid wood furniture in your sunroom. Just remember, if you choose a lovely set of solid wood furniture, shut the drapes after you’re done basking in the sunroom’s glow! Don’t discount the possibility of buying a combination of drapes, either. One set could block out the sun while a gauzier version on top could provide shimmering beauty.

Consider Replacing the Floor

More likely than not, your sunroom features a basic tile floor. Tile floors are used because they don’t get scratches, avoid fading, resist moisture, and can retain heat from sunlight. If you have any ideas about replacing the tile with wood, though, stick with hardwood that’s been treated not to react to temperature extremes. However, sticking with tile is ultimately your best option. You could upgrade to concrete, stone, or ceramic if you want. All of those will last longer and be much easier to clean.

Paint It Up

When you’re picking some paint, keep two things in mind. Number one: sunrooms should be sunny, so avoid black and other dark colors. A cheerful pastel or another light color will gently reflect the incoming sunlight. Number two: make sure you pick a paint that resists fading. Fade-resistant paint will also look better for far longer. Keep in mind that your sunroom gets hotter or colder than the rest of the house as the seasons change, so plan your repainting accordingly.

Add a Fan

If your sunroom doesn’t have a ceiling fan, add one. With the amount of exposure the room gets to the elements through its many windows, it’s harder to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter. An overhead fan will keep air circulating through the room, making it feel leisurely no matter the time of year. Consider adding a pedestal fan in one corner to circulate the air at the lower level as well. If your sunroom is chillier at night during the winter, buy a ceramic space heater.

Greenery Everywhere

Do you know who loves the sun even more than you do? Plants! You can’t have too many plants in your sunroom. A few indoor trees, some hanging ferns, assorted flowering plants on the tables, and any windows all add a natural and faraway feel to your sunroom. They also freshen the air and add pleasant scents to the space. Pick a miniature lemon tree, cultivate an herbal garden, or foster some flora in a window box. Your sunroom should be the nexus between indoors and outdoors. Help it along with some leafy friends!

Set the Scene

Having an end goal in mind for your sunroom’s overall visual identity is vital. Your sunroom should have a place to work, a place to rest, and a place to play—and each one of these attributes can accommodate a slew of other activities. Start with a sofa or loveseat and table and work out from there. Planning to devour the latest best-sellers there? Add a bookshelf. Want to dine while you watch TV? Do it from a coffee table or pedestal table. Draw up a plan for the sunroom on graph paper, imagining where you’ll place everything.

Light It Up

One of the best ways to decorate your home’s sunroom is to let it serve a double purpose. It can be a bright living, working, and playing space during the day and a fun party or cozy relaxation place at night. If you add a ceiling fan, choose one with an adjustable overhead light so you can set a calmer and more intimate mood during the evening. Stationing standing floor lamps in each corner is another way to throw light across the space. That way, you can dine in a cheerful, well-lighted room one day, and spend the next reading under single sedate and spreading light. Adjustable lighting is incredibly useful because you can have access to several functions and have only a single lamp. How nifty! (And you won’t have to waste space with several different lamps, either.)

Despite the name, a sunroom is a great room for any time of the day!

Best Ways To Decorate Your Home’s Sunroom
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