A Simple Guide to Positioning a Coffee Table

A Simple Guide to Positioning a Coffee Table

You walk into your home, and the first thing you see is a coffee table. In front of the couch, at an approximately 45-degree angle, just like all other coffee tables across America. But something feels off about it. There seems to be too much space around it, or maybe not enough? You can’t quite put your finger on it, but the coffee table doesn’t seem to fit.

How do you go about positioning your coffee table correctly? Here is a simple guide to positioning a coffee table. While there are no hard and fast rules, there are a few general guidelines to follow to help you create a more aesthetically pleasing and functional space.

Distance From Your Sofa to Coffee Table

One of the most important things to consider when positioning a coffee table is the distance between your sofa and coffee table. This will determine how much space you must work with.

Ideally, you want to leave about 18 to 24 inches of space between your sofa and coffee table. This will give you enough room to place drinks and snacks on the table without having to reach over the sofa. It will also make your living room look more spacious.

If you have a smaller living room, consider using a narrower coffee table to save space and make the room feel less cramped.

The Angle of Your Coffee Table

Some people prefer to angle their coffee table toward the sofa, while others prefer to have it perpendicular. There is no right or wrong answer here; it’s a matter of personal preference.

If you angle your coffee table toward the sofa, it will create a more intimate space and make it easier for people to reach for things on the table, such as magazines, remotes, or drinks.

Coffee Table Height

Make sure the table is at a comfortable height for sitting and relaxing. Ideally, the coffee table should be about the same height as your sofa or chairs. This creates a more uniform look in the room and makes it easier for people to move around.

If your sofa or chairs are particularly low to the ground, you may want to consider using a coffee table that is a bit higher in height. This will make it easier for people to get up and down from the sofa.

The Shape of Your Coffee Table

If you have a rectangular live edge wood slab coffee table, for example, you’ll want to position it so that the long edge of the table is facing the sofa.

If you have a round or oval coffee table, place it so that it’s perpendicular to the sofa. This will create a more balanced and symmetrical look.

Remember that this simple guide to positioning a coffee table should serve as your starting point. Experiment with different arrangements! At the end of the day, it’s all about what makes you and your family most comfortable.

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