3 Tips for Making Your Office Space More Comfortable

3 Tips for Making Your Office Space More Comfortable

3 Tips for Making Your Office Space More Comfortable

When you work from home you have the freedom to make your workspace as cozy, relaxing, and inspirational as you like. Make sure that your home office isn’t just a carbon copy of your cube or pod at the office. Add a little style, personality, and most importantly, comfort. Here are three tips for making your office space more comfortable. Keep them in mind when redesigning the space where you do your best thinking and doing!

Let There Be Light

Never underestimate the pleasure and inspiration brought about by a pleasantly bright and well-lit space. Make sure that much of the light is sunlight. Place your desk near a window so you get an extra dose of the healthful rays of the sun and have a lovely view as well. Light not only helps you see what you’re doing better, it’s more calming and psychologically enriching than artificial light. You save on your electric bill as well. That said, pick floor and table lamps that cast a wide and comfortable wash of light over the entire office after the sun goes down. Use lower wattage bulbs in your desk’s lamp so the area doesn’t become too warm and unpleasant while you work.

Choose the Right Pieces for a Homey Décor

When selecting your office furnishings, keep comfort in mind. Choose an ergonomic chair that’s not just pleasant to sit in but also good for your posture, diminishes stress on your neck and back, takes pressure of your hips and posterior, and reduces the pain that comes from sitting and being sedentary for hours on end. Keep that comfort level in mind when you buy your desk, ensuring that it’s at the proper height for you to sit comfortably and spread out your work. A good standard desk height is about 28 to 30 inches. And make a note to achieve visual comfort as well. Your home office doesn’t have to look super institutional. Give it a warm vibe with wooden office furniture, including shelves, a small conference table, and a Iive edge office desk.

Simple and Open

Here’s the last of our three tips for making your office space more comfortable: keep it clean! When you declutter and keep your office extra neat, you’ll feel more at ease and productive. Take the time to decide what can stay and what needs to leave. Eliminate furniture that has seen its day, is falling apart, or that lacks luster. Create a layout that permits better flow and openness by moving furniture to more strategic spots that don’t interfere with foot traffic. Find a way to stow your peripherals, power strips, and other electronic equipment. That technological clutter can really take away a room’s comfort level and visual appeal.

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