Walnut has long been prized by woodworkers, carpenters, and craftspeople for its beauty and durability. Among its many unique characteristics, walnut wood has many delightful variations in color and grain and brings strength and density to projects. At The Carpentry Shop, no two of our walnut wood slabs for sale are alike, which is a big part of what makes walnut so alluring.

When you're seeking the perfect walnut wood slabs for sale—whether black walnut slabs or English walnut slabs—we have both in stock and ready to sell and ship. We even provide a fine selection of round walnut wood cookie slabs for sale that can create a beautiful contrast among your home’s furniture.

Visit us at our showroom in Tappan, NY, or shop with us online to place an order for walnut and other wood slabs. Contact us at info@thecarpentryshopco.com, or call 646-933-0736 or our toll-free number 888-982-0435.

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